NPDES Permitting


NPDES PermittingARC provides NPDES permitting services to a wide variety of clients engaged in industrial and construction activities, as well as to those public/private entities operating municipal separate storm sewer systems.  NPDES permitting is designed to prevent stormwater runoff from introducing harmful pollutants into the nation’s surface waters such as streams, rivers, lakes or coastal waters.

A NPDES permit allows a facility to discharge a specified amount of a pollutant into the nation’s surface waters under established conditions.  The two basic types of NPDES permits issued are individual and general permits, though most potential applicant facilities fall into one of the numerous general permit categories.  These general permit categories cover multiple “like” facilities performing industrial activities in areas such as construction, asphalt, lumber, concrete, metals, food, petroleum, etc.  As most states are authorized by EPA to implement and administer their own NPDES stormwater permitting programs, a list of these general permit categories is typically available from the respective state regulatory entities. 

NPDES PermittingBecause of this dissemination of permitting authority, ARC has developed significant experience in providing NPDES permitting services across multiple state entities.  A typical NPDES permit will contain facility and outfall information;  pollutant limits for the stormwater discharges tailored to the type of activity at the facility;  monitoring and reporting requirements;  special conditions such as Best Management Practices (BMP) plan requirements;  as well as standard conditions that apply to all permits.

ARC’s environmental professionals also offer services to insure our clients stay within compliance of the conditions of the permit.  These services include sampling of stormwater outfalls, development of Best Management Practices (BMP) Plans for the permitted facility, and pollutant mitigation recommendations to insure compliance with specific pollutant limits. 


At ARC, our goal is to assist our clients in achieving and maintaining NPDES permit compliance in the most efficient and economic manner,  with minimal interruption to facility physical operations.


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