Emergency Response


Emergency ResponseThe key to successful emergency response begins with the development of an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EPR).  ARC assists our clients in the creation and execution of EPR plans so, that should an incident occur at a client facility,  predetermined client staff are prepared to respond in the most effective and expeditious manner.  Accordingly, a facility’s EPR plan typically includes requirements for performance of mock drills for potential environmental emergencies.   ARC’s staff assists our clients in conducting such drills at their respective facilities to reinforce training and improve response time. 

Further, should an actual incident occur, ARC’s personnel are available “on call” to assist the client’s Emergency Response Coordinator in responding effectively to the incident to include coordination, as required, with local, state and federal environmental officials to mitigate further potential impacts and liabilities.

In the event of an environmental incident, ARC also offers services, post incident, to amend a facility’s EPR plan, as may be required, to include corrective/preventive actions to respond to, mitigate, and prevent releases that arise as a consequence of a future environmental emergency.


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