UST Closures and Secondary Investigations


UST Compliance 

UST Mgmt and ComplianceARC provides on-site support and management for the proper closure (both by removal and in-place) of underground storage tanks (UST).  ARC manages the process from end to end including obtaining all necessary permits, preparing health and safety plans, providing oversight for disposal of residual hydrocarbons, excavating / stockpiling of overburden soils, proper disposal of the USTs, sampling of excavated and tank pit soils for analysis by a third party laboratories, restoring project sites to existing grade and preparing closure reports for submission to the appropriate state and federal regulatory authorities.


UST Mgmt and ComplianceARC’s experienced staff has provided on-site support and management for the proper closure of hundreds of underground storage tanks (UST) located in multiple states across the country.  These projects involved both closure by removal as well as closure in-place and were performed at both private and government facilities.



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