Hazardous Materials Inspections and Surveys


Hazmat - Inspections and SurveysCertain building materials can be hazardous to human health and/or the environment if disturbed during building renovation or demolition activities.  Asbestos, lead based paint, mercury (thermostats, fluorescent light tubes, etc.), PCBs, and mold are hazardous materials that can be encountered in buildings.  These materials can become a concern if they are not adequately identified and managed properly during activities that might result in exposure and risk to human health.Hazmat - Inspections and Surveys

Building owners are required by federal regulations to properly identify and manage the potential presence of such hazardous materials.  Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and lead-based paints (LBP) are two of the most common hazardous materials encountered during building renovation or demolition.


ARC and its team of certified inspectors are experienced and prepared to assist our clients in managing the regulatory landscape by properly identifying, and if necessary, removal of asbestos, lead based paint, mold, mercury, and other hazardous materials related to property acquisition, building renovation or demolition activities.


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