Air Quality Services


Air Quality ServicesSince the promulgation of major amendments to the Clean Air Act (CAA) in 1990, complying with Air Quality Regulations has become increasingly complex and challenging for both our private industry and government agency clients.

ARC’s environmental professionals understand these regulatory complexities and assist our clients in obtaining initial permitting as well as developing cost effective programs for long term air quality compliance.

Our experience in air quality regulations and permitting programs combined with our knowledge of individual state and local requirements, allows us to partner with our clients to develop detailed air quality compliance strategies.  These strategies minimize operating impacts and reduce costs, while achieving our client’s business and long term regulatory compliance goals.

Air Quality Services

ARC is equipped to support the full compliment of our clients Air Quality regulatory needs.  We offer the following air quality services:

  • Title V Operating Permits
  • New Source Review (NSR) Permits
  • Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permits
  • State Construction and Operating Permit Applications
  • Minor and Synthetic Minor Source Permits
  • General Air Permit Applications
  • Oil and Gas Air (MSOG) Permit Applications
  • Variance Requests
  • Requests for Authorization to Construct and Operate
  • Regulatory Strategy and Permit Negotiations
  • NAAQS Compliance Assessment
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Air Emissions Source Testing and Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring\Best Available Control Technologies (BACT)
  • Maximum Achievable Control Technologies (MACT)
  • Reasonably Available Control Technologies (RACT)
  • Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER)
  • NEPA Air Quality Assessments for Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements

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